Resolve Conflict and Build Intimacy

Couples counselling is for those that are beginning their journey together, young couples, couples who are engaged, couples who are contemplating getting married and those that have been together for some time and who have lost their capacity to experience vitality within themselves and within their interpersonal relationships.

It’s for those couples who are ready to work towards deepening their relationships and creating and strengthening their connection with the purpose of finding love and regaining their passion again.

And it’s also for those couples who are deciding on whether ending the relationship is the only way forward and who wish to receive support through their decision making process.

Couples therapy is also for those couples who have come to the decision that moving forwards together isn’t possible and who wish to end their relationship entering into divorce with respect and peace for each other especially when children are involved.

It’s also there if you’ve find the right couples therapist and the right foundation has been created so that you can both touch in from time to time to help turn things around when you are both unable to.

Couples counselling requires taking a long honest look at where your relationship is struggling and digging deep to help strengthen yourself and each other in the process. It is where you learn to have unmet needs discussed from a non-demanding position to increase communication and strengthen your capacity to transform suffering into thriving within your relationship.

Couples counselling or marriage counselling can help you address difficult relationship issues such as:

Increasing spontaneity and creativity within your relationship Work towards intimacy with each other as opposed to being in a power struggle Discussing issues around raising their children Discovering how you hold yourself back within your relationship You have little or no sex at all and this is causing issues Dealing with underlying emotions and cause of conflict Finding ways to stop hurting each other Increasing mutual support Understanding and deepening your connection with each other Understanding my partner better or understanding myself better, how do I impact our relationship? Overcoming an affair , working when infidelity has impacted your relationship Get to a more fair workload within day to day life Strengthening your communication with each other

Image by Victoria FitzGerald

Image by Victoria FitzGerald